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Give your students the chance to receive the necessary training and development opportunities to excel in their chosen fields while also providing access to job opportunities that align with their skills and interests with Crack-ED.

How big is the soft skill problem?


communication skills


interpersonal skills


critical thinking skills

The problem doesn’t stop here, 7 out of 10 candidates don’t have any of the skill among the three.

How can upskilling help?

Crack-ED will not only help your college students with the soft skills, but instead inculcate these skills within the mindset of the student providing a holistic development by making him job-ready.


Enhance your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others


Strong communication, strategic thinking and a commitment to continuous learning & growth.



Discover your authentic voice an learn to influence and inspire others.


developing strategies for adaptation and growth.


Learn to plan, execute, and manage complex projects with effective ease.

Crack-ED not only offers soft skill courses, but also offers value added courses.

Cracking an Interview

Get your students the right
interview skills to ace it and get the dream jobs.

Entrepreneurship Mindset

Get your students to build the next unicorn start-up by having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Data Analytics

Get your students to learn the right data analytical and statistical skill to ace in their job.

Public Speaking

Get your students the skills to speak confidently in front of people or a crowd.

Digital Marketing

Get your students to learn the right tools and techniques for efficient digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

Get your students to learn the right tools to make them AI enabled.

How can you collaborate with Crack-ED?


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Why Crack-ED?

Crack-ED will not only help your college students with the soft skills, but instead inculcate these skills within the mindset of the student providing a holistic development by making him job-ready.

Instructor Led Learning

Get trained by top industry experts

Projects & Exercises

Get real-world experience through projects

Mentoring from best

Get guidance at every step in your career transition to the chosen field


Peer Networking

Improve your professional network and learn from peers

1:1 Personalized Learning

Hands-on exercises, project work, and capstone projects


Hire from a pool of top tier colleges from all across the country.

Partner with Crack-ED for future-ready skills

What do colleges have to say about us?


How can Crack-ED help our college students in their career development?

Crack-ED helps college students in their career development by offering a wide range of upskilling courses designed to enhance their employability and job readiness. Our courses cover various domains and skills that are in high demand in the job market, ensuring that students are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen fields.

At Crack-ED, we prioritize quality and relevance in our course offerings for college students. We work closely with industry professionals and employers to identify the most in-demand skills and topics, ensuring that our courses meet the needs of both students and employers.

Crack-ED supports college students in their job placement and career readiness through various initiatives, including job placement assistance, resume building workshops, interview preparation sessions, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Upon successful completion of a Crack-ED course, students will receive a certification or accreditation that recognizes their achievement and verifies their newly acquired skills. Our certifications are widely recognized and respected by employers in the industry.

You can contact the Crack-ED team by email or via the contact page on our website if you have any additional questions or need help. We’re here to support you as you explore our programs and move forward in your hiring of the top candidates or upskilling program.

Have any doubts? Provide us your details, and we will help you.