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Ankush Negi
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I was quite under confident and hesitant to speak to people around me. I joined Crack-ED to upskill myself. Their course not only boosted my confidence but also improved my overall personality.
Sandali Gupta
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The amount of knowledge I gained in Crack-ED was unmatched. The trainers interacted with us and gave real-life examples to make us understand each and every concept effectively. I am happy to be a part of Crack-ED.
Dishika Upadhyay
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Earlier, I always used to doubt myself and my parents were concerned about my career. In the midst of self-doubt and confusion, one of the best decisions I took was to join Crack-ED's training program.
Shreyansh Jain
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In schools, we were never taught skills that were actually relevant in the real world. I struggled a lot in my college life due to poor communication skills. Since the day I joined Crack-ED, I saw an improvement in my communication.
Juweria Asim
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As my MBA was getting completed, I was concerned about placement. I joined Crack-ED which not only upskilled me but also hired me in their Operations team. The content material and the activities which were used for the training . I was lucky enough to be once part of Crack-ED training program and now I am working in their team.
Priya Sharma
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Crack-Ed's Data Analysis course was a game-changer for me! The clear explanations and practical exercises helped me master the skills I needed to land a coveted role as a Business Analyst at Infosys. I highly recommend Crack-Ed for anyone looking to boost their career!
Rahul Kapoor
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After years of working in sales, I felt the need to refresh my skillset. Crack-Ed's Digital Marketing course provided me with the latest strategies and tools I needed to excel in the online space. Within months, I secured a promotion to Digital Marketing Specialist at Flipkart. Thank you, Crack-Ed!
Anika Singh
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As a fresh graduate, I wasn't sure how to navigate the competitive job market. Crack-Ed's comprehensive interview preparation program boosted my confidence and equipped me with the skills to ace interviews. I landed my dream job at Mahindra & Mahindra within weeks of completing the program!
Amit Patel
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Upskilling myself with Crack-Ed's Integrated Data Mastery course was an excellent decision! The course provided valuable insights into data integration, which I'm now applying to improve efficiency and decision-making at Wipro. I highly recommend Crack-Ed for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the data-driven world.


How does Crack-ED guarantee that candidates are placed in high-quality roles?

In order to guarantee that placements are in line with candidates’ interests, abilities, and career objectives, Crack-ED upholds strict quality standards. We carefully screen our partner organizations to make sure they provide individuals with worthwhile training opportunities and growth experiences. Furthermore, we offer assistance and direction to students during the placement procedure to guarantee a smooth and prosperous entry into the profession.

We work with a wide variety of companies in a number of different sectors, such as technology, finance, marketing, healthcare, and more. These groups provide students with the chance to begin their careers in their disciplines and obtain useful experience.

You have to be a final year graduate student or any working professional in any domain.

Our placement services are backed by upskilling programs and L&D programs for corporations.

Yes, Crack-ED helps candidates find careers in their selected fields by helping them with placement. In order to access our network of partner organizations for placement opportunities, candidates must register with Crack-ED. To assist candidates in navigating the placement process and securing suitable employment, our staff offers individualized guidance.

No, Crack-ED’s placement services are not limited to specific fields or industries. We cater to students from various academic backgrounds and disciplines, connecting them with opportunities across a wide range of industries based on their skills and preferences.

You can contact the Crack-ED team by email crack-ed@girnarsoft.com or via the contact page on our website if you have any additional questions or need help. We’re here to support you as you explore our programs and move forward in your career.

Whether it is Soft Skills, Life skills, or Value Added Skills Crack-ED is the place to learn from top experts in the field.

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