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Badhta India Dekho Podcast

by, Crack-ED and CarDekho Group

Badhta India Dekho Podcast by, Crack-ED and CarDekho Group

About Badhta India Dekho

Badhta India Dekho is a captivating podcast series by the Crack-Ed and CarDekho Group, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Bharat. Each episode brings you closer to the real-life experiences of entrepreneurs who have faced and overcome significant challenges. We share their journeys from the initial struggles to the moments of triumph, highlighting their first sales, crucial funding, and resilience during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Our podcast showcases stories of bouncing back stronger and building brilliant businesses for the future. Subscribe to our channel and get inspired by the entrepreneurs shaping India’s tomorrow.

Meet our amazing host!

Debojit is the Founder of Crack-ED and has 12 years of experience in Ed-Tech, Auto-Tech and Media in P&L and Sales Leaderships roles before starting Crack-ED. After spending a decade in the ed-tech space, Debojit realised the huge skill gap between education and profession and wanted to start a legacy that actually eliminates this gap. Debojit has also been a Tedx speaker in the past and takes active interest in mentoring youngsters towards their career goals.

Debojit Sen
Founder, Crack-ED

Our Guests

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