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What do companies tend to miss?

Employee Engagement

Employees would be kept from leaving their organization if training and development were offered by their employer.


Rises to 50% for companies with strong learning cultures.


Employees who left their previous job were motivated to do so by more career development opportunities.

This shows that there is a need to provide training programs to the employees to not only upskill them but also help them be a part of the company in the long-run and develop a healthy culture.

What do employees think about the trainings?

How can Crack-ED help you to take care of this?

Leadership Training

Get your managers trained with the right leadership skills to make the most of the teams

Soft Skills Training

Get your employees trained in the soft skills required in an organization and represent the culture to the outer world.

Appraisal Training

Get your employees coached, and mentored, learn effective delegation, handle conflicts, and, formulate strategic actions with advanced problem-solving.

Sales Training

Get your employees trained in the skills to make the perfect pitches to the client and have the right negotiation skills

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Screening of Candidates

Our expert team meticulously assesses and evaluates candidates, presenting you with a curated selection of the best talent tailored to your specific requirements.


Once selected, candidates undergo a rigorous two-week intensive upskilling program designed to enhance their capabilities and prepare them for the demands of the role.


Our dedicated team ensures a smooth handover and onboarding process, facilitating a seamless integration into your organization.

Why Crack-ED?

Unlock your employees’ potential with Crack-ED, where top industry experts lead learning sessions and real-world projects provide hands-on experience. With certifications, peer networking opportunities, and personalized 1:1 learning, empower your workforce to thrive in today’s dynamic professional landscape

Instructor Led Learning

Get your employees trained by top industry experts

Projects & Exercises

Employees get real-world experience through projects

Skill Report

Get a complete skill report on how your employees stood on the different skills.


Peer Networking

Improve your professional network and learn from peers

1:1 Personalized Learning

Employees get hands-on exercises, project work, and capstone projects


Hire from a pool of top tier colleges from all across the country.

Partner with Crack-ED for future-ready skills

What do the companies have to say?


How does Crack-ED ensure the quality of candidates presented to us?

Crack-ED employs a rigorous screening process that includes assessments, interviews, and reference checks to ensure candidates meet our quality standards. Additionally, our partnerships with top-tier colleges and industry experts contribute to the caliber of talent we provide.

Crack-ED employs interactive learning methodologies, including hands-on exercises, case studies, group discussions, and real-world simulations, to keep employees engaged and motivated throughout the upskilling courses. Our experienced instructors facilitate dynamic and participatory learning experiences that encourage active participation and knowledge retention.

Crack-ED specializes in talent acquisition across a wide range of industries, including technology, finance, marketing, healthcare, and more. Our extensive network and diverse candidate pool allow us to cater to the needs of companies across various sectors.

The duration of our upskilling programs varies depending on the specific course and the individual’s prior experience. On average, candidates complete the program within two weeks, allowing them to quickly transition into their new roles with enhanced skills.

You can contact the Crack-ED team by email crack-ed@girnarsoft.com or via the contact page on our website if you have any additional questions or need help. We’re here to support you as you explore our programs and move forward in your hiring of the top candidates or upskilling program.

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