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Qi Ventures is a Venture Capital firm led by a team of veteran professionals with in-field expertise and passion targeting a huge market to support the founders with our network of investors aiming at mutual growth. Qi’s investment thesis broadly follows the golden rule of deploying funds in revenue generating ideas with strategic exit roadmap.

What exactly will you do as a Branch Manager at QI Ventures?

Drive sales growth by developing and executing strategic plans.

Provide effective leadership to branch staff, fostering a positive work environment and promoting teamwork

Monitor branch financial performance, analyze variances, and implement corrective actions

Develop annual budgets and financial forecasts in collaboration with senior management

Identify and mitigate operational risks, security threats, and compliance issues to safeguard company assets and reputation.

What are the required key skills?​

Bachelor's degree in BA, Finance, or related field

Proven experience in branch management

Strong leadership abilities

Sound financial acumen

Analytical capabilities

Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs

Decision-making capabilities

Demonstrated problem-solving skills

Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment


Industry Certification

Day-1 Employment

Communication Mastery

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Sales & Upselling

What are the benefits of joining with QI Ventures?

Continuous Development

Diverse Product Range

Competitive Compensation

Dynamic Culture & Industry Prestige

What is the joining process?​

Enroll to our course

Give a Prescreening Interview

Start your Training

Give certification exam

Start with your full time job you actually got hired for

Upgrade Your Skills.
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