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Abreco Freight is one of the Freight Forwarding Company established in 2010 under Abreco Group of Companies; offering a multitude of services to meet your business needs. We believe in delivering logistics services on time and cost effectively. That’s why customers in over 30 countries around the world rely on our expertise to manage their day to day logistic needs.

What exactly will you do after joining as a Sr. Sales Executive at Abreco Freight?

Plan and conduct visits to new and existing customers, fostering growth and addressing their needs.

Maintain and achieve sales targets through cold calling, deep selling, and regular client interactions.

Secure new customers, develop existing accounts, and gather market information to drive business growth.

Secure new customers, develop existing accounts, and gather market information to drive business growth.

Collect relevant customer information for RFQ and prepare documents for customer implementation in order to ensure proper operational handover with SOPs and implementation to meet customer expectations.

What are the required key skills?

 Excellent track record of achieving targets

Track record of over-achieving quota

 Excellent interpersonal skills

Excellent communications skills

Self- motivated & ability to work independently

Effective presentation and customer relations skills

Highly organized & detail oriented

Can-do attitude and passion for self-learning in fast-paced environments

Working Knowledge & understanding of International Freight and Operation


Industry Certification

Day-1 Employment

Communication Mastery

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Sales & Upselling

What are the values of Abreco Freight?

Customer-first approach

Act with integrity and honesty.

Everyone is respected.

Ability to work as one team.

What is the joining process?​

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Give certification exam

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