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With a mission to give India a vision, is India’s fastest growing eyewear company. Lenskart’s products include prescription eyewear, branded contact lenses and sunglasses, all equipped with the customers’ eye powers. Backed by IDG
Ventures, Unilazer Ventures and TPG Capital, Lenskart has grown its array of services exponentially.

What exactly will you do as a Sales Associate at Lenskart ?

Greet and welcome all walk-in customers and guide them toward the clinic, promoting the free eye check-up.

Conduct regular stock takes and ensure proper management of POS systems.

Supervise store employees, including optometrists, and resolve any issues.

Identify training needs and execute development plans in collaboration with the L&D department.

Provide on-the-job training and guidance to team members using company training modules.

What are the required key skills?​

Customer Service Skills

Communication Skills

Well-groomed and pleasant personality

4-8 Years+ Retail Experience

Ability to build rapport and trusting relationships

Proactive task ownership, result-orientation, and customer-orientation

Ability to adapt to changing environment and openness to learn

Clear articulation and active listening skills

Ability to understand unstated needs of the customer and offer solutions


Industry Certification

Day-1 Employment

Communication Mastery

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Sales & Upselling

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