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Join as a Marketing Manager at Firetech India.

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Since the inception in 1994, Firetech has been a leading Indian company in firefighting industry. Firetech has been a pioneer of foam-based suppression system in India. Today 25 years later, we stand tall as a manufacturer of Water, Foam and Dry Chemical based firefighting system for Indian and International markets. Apart from manufacturing, we provide design and engineering solutions for industries.

What exactly will you do after joining as a Marketing Manager at Firetech India ?

To develop Public relations and generate business, with the right channels and healthy team work to achieve the set goals.

To ensure continued growth and expansion activity with a focused approach to gain maximum market share.

Understand and work closely with customers for two way smooth interactions and long term relationships

Demonstrate marketing expertise in own area to increase customer base and assist Sr. Management in execution of planned strategy.

What are the required key skills?​

Knowledge of Financial Scope.

Knowledge of People Management – Direct 1 or more

Knowledge of Geographical – PAN India

Knowledge of Sales of Industrial Goods

Knowledge of Estimation & Documentation

Able to handle criticism

Analytical, Problem-solving abilities

Adaptive to changing Environment

Knowledge of Quotation Preparation


Industry Certification

Day-1 Employment

Communication Mastery

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Sales & Upselling

What is the philosophy of FireTech?

Providing progressive solutions

Delivery end to end reliable

Making a positive impact and brining a quality difference in the lives of our stakeholders

What is the joining process?​

Enroll to our course

Give a Prescreening Interview

Start your Training

Give certification exam

Start with your full time job you actually got hired for

Upgrade Your Skills.
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